Bhavani Museum, Aundh


Shri Bhawani Museum, Aundh


Late Shrimant Bhavanrao alias Balasaheb Maharaj Pantpratinidhi (Raja of Aundh State) was a good artist and lover of art. He had a good collection many paintings, statuary, sculptured pots, weapons and holy books and many more. He wanted to give the benefit of his collection to the peoples, he established Shri Bhavani Museum & Library in 1938. It has reach collection of articles of sandalwood and ivory, Indian miniature paintings, Bengali/Western paintings, coeval paintings etc. Strong room consist of very valuable ornaments and diamond collection.

Museum has more than 8,000 articles and 16,000 books including 3500 holy books (handwritten). Shrimant Balasaheb Maharaj studied the science of museum and constructed the present building with the help of foreign architects, considering natural light , ventilation and protection. Its great wonder to see the huge one man collection in such a rural area of the district. The scenic building of the museum situated on the slope of Aundh Hill, famous ‘Yamai Mandir’ is located at the top of hill with height approx. 800 ft. Aundh is 43 Kms from Satara, well connected by roads.

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For more detail please contact Dy.Curator, Shri Bhavani Museum, Aundh Dist.Satara , Phone – (02161)2 62225.

Timing of museum 10.00 to13.00 and 13.30 to 17.00, Monday is holiday.


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