Satara District : Historical reference

‘SATARA’ was the capital of Maratha Kingdom spreaded over 14 lacks square kilometer. This land has rich heritage. Several great warriors, kings,saints, and great personalities create their historical evidence in the history of Maharashtra.

Inscriptions as old as 200 B.C revels that probably the oldest known place in Satara district is Karad (mentioned as Karhakada). It is also believed that Wai in Satara district is the ‘Viratnagari’ where Pandavas lived in the 13th year of exile. The Mauryan empire in the Deccan was followed by the rules of “Satvahans” for about two centuries(between 550 A.D. to 750 A.D.) Satara as also the southern Maharashtra, was ruled by Chalukyas of Badami and was later by Rashtrakutas, Silaharas and Yadav of Devgiri, the Bahamanis, Adil Shahi, Muslim Rule, Shivaji (Maratha rule), Shahu Ram Raja and Shahu II Pratapsinh.

The first Musalman Invasion of the Deccan took place in 1296. Muslim ruled over Satara till 1707. In 1636 the Nijam Shahi Dynasty came to an end.

Ch Shivaji Maharaj

Ch. Shivaji Maharaj

The Golden Era of Maratha Kingdom : Chatrapati Shri. Shivaji Maharaj

Shahaji’s son Shivaji , the founder of Maratha empire had begun to establish himself in the hilly part of Poona in the north where he had been put in possession of his fathers estate (Subhedari) at Poona and Supa.

The major incidence took place in the rule of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj was round to Pune and Satara, specifically in the Sahyadri ranges . Western part of Satara district was covered by dense forests, high hills which is the main reason where Shivaji Maharaj built about 25 forts. He has fought with Adil Shahi,Mughals throughout his life . Due to growing exploits of Shivaji , Adilshah send Afzal Khan the giant sardar of Bijapur to make an end of Shivaji’s kingdom. He was accompanied by a huge army , he harassed the people also destroyed several temples from holy cities of Pandharpur & Tuljapur.The historical defeat and end of Afzal Khan took place at Pratapgad , the ideal fort built on high hill (called Bhorpyacha Dongar) covered with very dense forest and high hills.

In 1663 Shivajiraje conquered Parali & Satara fort. He requested his ‘GURU’ Shri Samartha Ramdas Swami to stay on this parali fort which later named as ‘Sajjangad’ . It is just 12 kilometers from Satara city . Satara city situated on the slope of Satara fort popularly known as ‘Ajinkyatara’. After the death of Shivaji Maharaj, Aurangjeb conquered Satara fort later won by Parshuram Pratinidhi in 1706. In 1708 Shahumaraj crowned on this fort.

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