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Corona Web Links

* Toll Free Help Line Number : 1077*

Satara District  Covid Patient Bed Management System

Satara – Home Isolation Booklet

Duties and guidelines for those entering Satara district.

For people stuck in lockdown (if going from Satara district to another district or other state)

Travel to or from Satara – This form is for those people who wants to come back to Satara or wants to go back to their native places outside Satara

Satara District: Dash Board

For Satara Native Students studying out side and wants to come back


सातारा जिल्हा परिषद,सातारा शिक्षण विभाग (प्राथमिक ) इयत्ता पहिली ते आठवी प्रवेशासाठी अर्ज

Private Medical Store (Responses)

Staff Deployed at CCC (Responses)

Staff Deployed at CCC

कोरोना (Covid-19 ) जागरूकता चाचणी

Daily Report from All Medical Stores

Village SubCentre PHC MO Contact List Satara

Daily ILI/SARI survey form to be filled by ASHA (Responses)

Daily Report from Private Hospitals,Registered Medical Practitioners and Government Hospitals

Daily Reporting format for Private Hospital (Responses)

Daily Report from Private Hospitals and Registered Medical Practitioners

Daily ILI/SARI survey form to be filled by ASHA

Pune,Mumbai etc Passenger List from Police Patil

Asha, ANM, MPW to DHO Report

Bit Hawaldar to DHO Report

Corona Preparedness Quiz for MOs

करोना साठी मदत

Pune-Mumbai or Foreign countries Travellers (Self Reporting Report)

करोना साठी मदत (Responses)

Mich Majha Rakshak Pocket Booklet

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